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  • Can you guarantee that the car on the site  is the car I am going to receive?

Syfe like all car rental companies, can not guarantee a specific make or model. We do guarantee the car category. A specific model may be requested, but it can not be guaranteed.We however are developing steadily on our fleet and will soon have a deluxe of cars to choose from.

  • How can I pay for my rental?

Syfe accepts primarily MPESA payment  card and paypal payments will soon be integrated for broader payment options as well as personal checks.

  • How is my rate guaranteed?

We guarantee our rates in KSHS. Reservations require full prepayment to confirm.The cost structure is broken down into an initial providers agreed deposit and daily charges for the chosen car.

  • How quickly can I confirm my reservation?

We're able to confirm most reservations with as little as 20 minutes advance. Please call us at 0724469749.0719289389 or 0732897628

  • I did not receive my voucher, how can I obtain the voucher?

A Syfe voucher can be sent to you via email in pdf or HTML

  • I have a credit card, can I still rent a car?

If we have a contract with a supplier that allows a credit rental, then it is possible. Payment would still have to be made to Syfe and you would have to take an inclusive rate. A cash deposit would be required at time of pick up.

  • Is there a fee if I need to cancel or change my reservation?

There is no fee to change a car rental booking provided that you contact Syfe  before the end of the rental period, you will be charged the difference from the original booking amount. All changes must be processed by Syfe.There is no fee to cancel a car rental booking provided that you contact Syfe more than 48 hours before your pickup time. If you fail to notify Syfe of your cancellation and are considered a 'no show', the cancellation fee is 100% of the rental.

  • When is your reservation center open?

Our reservations center is open 7am to 6pm  per day MON-FRI, But our lines are open 24/7.Call us at 0724469749.0719289389 or 0732897628.


  • Do you have Meet & Greet Services?

You will be greeted in airports and other public places with a hand-held sign. We can also meet you at your hotel and in other locations.

  • Do you offer customized services?

Yes, but additional advance notice is required to prepare custom itineraries, motorcoach services, and other special requests.

  • How can I pay for chauffeur services

Syfe  accepts primarily MPESA , Mastercard, Visa, and checks will soon be integrated as well.

  • How is my reservation confirmed?

A detailed confirmation voucher will be sent to you. If you reserve by phone, vouchers are faxed to you immediately upon receipt of payment. If you reserve online, vouchers are emailed to you immediately upon receipt of payment. In either case, a copy is mailed the next business day.

  • How quickly can I reserve chauffeur service?

We are able to accommodate most chauffeur reservation requests with as little as 3 hours advance notice. Services must be fully prepaid..

  • Is there a fee if I cancel my reservation?

Reservations are fully refundable up until the time the driver and vehicle depart the garage. A penalty will be applied to 'no-show' bookings.

  • Is there a fee if I change my reservation?

There is no fee to change reservations for chauffeur services.


  • What do I need to pick up my car?

A printed copy of your valid driver's license. Our vouchers show confirmation of your reservation and contain specific information about your rental car, rental rate and other important details needed. When you reserve by phone, or on the web, vouchers are faxed or emailed to you immediately upon receipt of payment and confirmation of your vehicle.

  • Will I need to leave a deposit when picking up my rental car?

A deposit is always required whenever renting a car. The deposit will be held on your account (in some cases cash deposits may be allowed) by syfe when you pick up your vehicle. It is released in full when you drop off the vehicle in the same condition it was when you received it. Deposit amounts will vary per vehicle or per the provider's agreement.

  • Can I return my car early?

There is no penalty for returning your car early. If you need to return your car earlier than your chosen drop off time/date, be sure that the rental office will be open when you plan on dropping off (hours are listed on your voucher). Out of hours drop offs will require an extension of return date as either half or full day as per counting hours. Please note that Syfe is not able to issue any refunds for unused days.



  • How do I confirm my reservation?

To pay for your reservation, you can either call us at 0724469749.0719289389 or 0732897628.Alternatively you can login to your syfe account and  click on your profile and transactions.

  • How do I request a car hire?

To view the list of our site cars, click on the “Our Fleet' tab on the top of the screen. You will then go to the first screen for car service and if there are additional services available (such as, specialty car rental, etc.), they will appear in the green bar directly below it.

Once you have registered on the site via facebook,twitter or gmail a verification will be sent to your phone and after you will submit the code generated to the site as it instructs.

Click on the “Rent” tag on the interface of the car you have chosen and proceed to read the terms and conditions

Rent the car you want by entering the time frame period on the follow up page as guided by the site.

Allow the site a while to confirm your booking,if the car is available you will be guided to a payment page and be billed through a paybill notification sent to your phone

  • How do I submit my request?

To send your request to us, go to the 'My Request' page and click on the 'Request My Quote' button. You will need to fill out a brief form so that we may contact you with a final quote. We can usually respond by email within a few hours. All information you send to is encrypted to protect your privacy.



  • Why Syfe

    Syfe is more than a car hire service. It's a service that will be used to put your asset to use when you are not using it. This will be done online and on demand once all our applications are up and running.

  • How do I benefit?

    Providers who are working with us benefit a lot by earning when they are not using their vehicles. Providers dictate the price they want to charge for a day and also half day. Syfe takes 20% of all the money that is collected.

  • Security

    Sometimes crooks may infiltrate the system. Syfe vets the renters / Users by

    1. All the renters sign in to syfe using social media. This allows us to dig more on the person who is booking.
    2. All payment by the client is made via Mpesa. This allows us to confirm the name and number of the person booking.
    3. We also don't rent out our cars to anyone below age of 25.
    4. We allow provider to ask any other information that they may deem fit.
  • Does syfe take the car and stay with it?

    No. Syfe is on demand we take your car when there is a renter ready to use it. We require the provider to drop off the vehicle for the renter in CBD between 6AM and 6PM. Pick up is also done by the provider in the CBD.

  • What type of car is syfe looking for?

    Any car that can be rented. From Saloon, sedans, 4*4, vans, buses, Pickups etc. The market is big and requirements are diverse.

    All we require is the car to be in great condition. Negative reviews from the customer will result to disqualification of the vehicle and provider.

  • What’s the income  I can expect from Syfe?

    Income varies depending on the pricing of the vehicle and the number of bookings. What we can promise is each car with great pricing and availability it can be rented 15 days in a month. Weekdays there is a lot of business for single day client but availability of vehicles is tough. Marketing your car in the site in terms of pricing, description and images is key.

  • How do I price my vehicles.

    We encourage providers to price their vehicles not according to market rate but according to his/ her business perspective. Know your cost and know how much to charge for you. The market price can guide you but not dictate. You can also call us for pricing advice.

  • I would like my car to be rented for long term only. Can you help.

    No. We treat all our suppliers the same. Client is the one who dictates the vehicle he/she needs from the site or app. We encourage you to start with few days or a day renting most long term clients are ones who take cars for few days and like the car. We can't give any provider preference.

  • Incase my car has an accident and the client is at fault what happens?

    In the rare case your car has an accident if the accident is a small scratch the client will cover it from the deposit money. If the car has major damage the client will cover for the excess damage. We urge our clients to have PSVs insurance this will help you in case of major accidents. We are also discussing with insurance companies about the possibility of a client paying more per day and he is covered by the money paid per day.